Nakamichi Repairs

Thats right, Tapes are back!

Have a Nakamichi that wont play, eats tapes, or just doesn’t perform as it used to?

In addition to all the other services I offer, I also do Nakamichi repairs. Most of my knowledge is around the Sankyo Mechanism, used in most Nakamichi decks. The decks that don’t use this mechanism are most of the earlier decks, like the ZX-5, 680ZX, Dragon, etc. I have the most experience servicing BX and MR series decks, but can do CR, Cassette Deck, and DR series decks, which use the Sankyo Mechanism.

The most common faults on these decks are, on the BX series, idler tire failure, and on the BX-300 and later high end decks, the back tension belt. I have also run across the occasional jammed motor. The BX-300 and MR-1 decks are also known for having their speed and bias potentiometers fail.

I have repaired several BX-300s, 150s, 125s, 100s, and a few MR-1 decks. The 300s always seem to have bad bias adjusts for some reason.

Pricing for Nakamichi Repairs are as follows:

Please note, prices are subject to change, and may vary based on hours worked.

BX SeriesIdler Tire$35
BX SeriesDrive Belts and
BX-300Bias Potentiometer$50
BX SeriesGear drive Mod$200
MR-1Speed Potentiometer$50
BX-300, CR3 to CR-7,
DR-1, DR-2,
DR-10, MR-1, Cassette
Deck 1
Back Tension Belt $35, $15 with idler on
BX series
Same As AboveCam Motor$35 basic lube,
$100 replacement
AllFull Recap$250

This list is not exhaustive, I offer other repairs as well, the list just covers some of the more common repairs. For repairs not on this list, they are billed as parts + $25/h for labor.