Marantz Restoration

Have a working Marantz but want it to last you another 40 years? One that isn’t sounding quite the way it used to? Burned out bulbs? Terrible FM Selectivity or just not picking up channels it used to?

This page is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Marantz Stereo Equipment.

Pretty much every single piece of equipment from the 1960s to 1980s is due for a tune-up. When it comes to this equipment It’s generally best to give it a full overhaul. I’ve noticed some jaw-dropping differences between an original amp and a restored amplifier. Capacitors always drift in value as they age, and the Marantz receivers and amps use many diodes and transistors that are known to fail or become noisy with age.

When properly restored many of these Marantz units will push far beyond their rated wattage ratings (and sound absolutely fantastic). Another advantage to having it restored is not having to worry about “When” or “if” it will work the next time you go to use it.

All my restorations are done to ensure longevity and improve audio quality where possible.

Typically well over 100 parts in all are replaced during a rebuild.

I use WIMA films for all sub 10uF Electrolytic capacitors, Electrolytic capacitors are usually swapped to Nichicon UKZ, UFG, UPW or UKT depending on capacitance, voltage ratings, temperature requirements, and function. All rebuilds include the replacement of any transistor that is known to cause problems, even if it hasn’t yet, replacement of all failure-prone diodes, replacement of every single electrolytic capacitor in the unit, upgrades to the PSU circuitry, typically new ultrafast dual diodes and rectifiers (where applicable), new power transistors, a new relay, and adjustment to ensure the PSU is within Tolerance. All controls are cleaned, bulbs are replaced if needed, faceplate and knobs are cleaned, DC Offset and Bias are set, and if possible I upgrade the amplifier boards themselves with new transistors to ensure reliability. Units where the differential pair can be bonded, will get new bonded and matched transistors. After all this work (and more that I probably forgot to mention) your amplifier will sound like new, and be ready for its next 40 years of reliable service.

Pricing for a Full rebuild/Restoration is as follows for the more common Marantz Equipment, it may vary by model number within a range:

Item: Price
Marantz 2015/2010 $250
Marantz 2215 to Marantz 2235B (And 1030 to 1090) $300
Marantz 2240 to 2265 (And 1150 to 1250) $350
SparkOS OP Amp Upgrade for 2250, 2250B, 2265, 2275, 2285, 2325, 2330 With Rebuild add $100
Marantz 2270 Standard Rebuild $350
Marantz 2270 Rebuild with Signal Path Upgrades $400
Marantz 2275 to 2330 $400
Filter Caps for models using Dual Capacitors or other weird
Add $50
Marantz 140, 170DC $400
Marantz 250, 250M $600
For models not included in this list please contact me