Marantz Repairs

Have a Marantz that just quit on you? Or one that’s popping, humming, or making other undesirable noises?

While these are some of the greatest amplifiers ever made, even Marantz units can fall victim to age, or just storage conditions.

I have seen issues ranging from blown output transistors, dirty or bad relays, noisy signal transistors and exploded capacitors. I usually prefer to do a full restoration, however, I know that isn’t always affordable for most people. That why I’m here though.

Our Standard Repair Rates are as follows:

Please call or email for an accurate estimate, these are just ballpark figures. As hours increase the price per hour generally decreases. Multiple parts usually result in a quantity discount as well.

Diagnostics are generally charged at $5-$10 an hour.

For Mail orders, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.

Type: Labor Costs: Estimated Parts Cost:
Marantz 22xx Units $50/h for first 2 then $25 $25-$200
Marantz Quad Units $125/h for first 2 then $50 $50-$300
Marantz 20xx Units $25/h $25-$100
Marantz 1xxx Units $50/h for first 2 then $25 $25-$200
Marantz Preamps $25/h $25-$300
Marantz Power Amps $50/h for first 2 then $25 $25-$400

In many cases, it makes the most sense to have a partial or full rebuild done while your amplifier is in for work, due to both pricing and reliability.