All Other Vintage Gear

This page is dedicated to all non-Marantz gear. Most of my non-Marantz experience is with Pioneer, JVC and Kenwood receivers.

Most Pioneers are known for using transistors that fail with age, and pretty much any unit from 1980 and earlier is long overdue for a tune-up/general servicing.

Full rebuilds are generally a fixed rate, (not including shipping) but will vary if the unit has extra problems. Most pricing is based on common issues and typical parts costs for a full recap and preventative maintenance.

Pricing for servicing is generally as follows:

Small Pioneers (SX series below SX-838) $300
Small Sansui Units (Below 45 watts)$300
Large Sansui Units$400-$500
Large Pioneer Units$400-$500
JVC JR-S Series$300
Small Kenwood Units$300
Large Kenwood Units$400
Onkyo M-504 + Others (Don’t include Main Filters)$400
All Other UnitsContact Me

This table is just a basic outline, please contact me directly for a more accurate quote based on the make and model of your receiver or amplifier. Some units will cost more, especially if they use special types of capacitors or have specific recommended upgrades.

Because of the weight I can arrange local pickups for people within reasonable distance of Atlanta, GA or Auburn, AL