iPod Classic/Zune Repair

In addition to upgrades, I also offer repairs for iPod classics. I can replace pretty much every component and get an iPod in ANY shape back to working condition. I can replace broken screens, bad hard drives, batteries, faulty logic boards, and even replace the front and back panel to make your iPod look brand new!

I also have started servicing Zunes as well. The Zune, for those unaware, was Microsoft’s competitor for the iPod. The Zune was a fantastic device, with a built-in FM tuner, basic WifI and a larger color screen. I have serviced several of them. They can be upgraded to 128GB of storage too! Typically most zunes will have a faulty battery and occasionally a failed HDD. I am able to replace most parts, however many are hard to acquire, like Headphone Jacks and screens. Prices vary on Zune parts so an upfront quote is fairly difficult.

For upgrades to Zunes, Battery swaps, and general iPod repairs you can either use my eBay listings or contact me through the information provided on this site.