iPod Classic Upgrades

Have an old iPod Classic sitting around, or one you use daily but wish it had more space? Then this is what you’re looking for!

The iPod Classic 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th gen can all be upgraded to 128GB and Higher! You can go all the way to 4TB on the 5th and 7th generation.

I actually started Protogalaxy by doing iPod upgrades, since starting my store I have done over 100 upgrades. I’ve gone through various types of memory and various different adapters to find what works the best.

The most common options tend to be 256GB and 512GB. All of my upgrades use an iFlash and SD card-based memory. SD cards work far better than SSDs as a 1TB SSD can pull upwards of 10 watts in some cases, causing the battery to drain during syncs, freezing and other iPod issues. SD cards are just as fast when in an iPod and use a fraction of the power. With a 3000mAh battery upgrade and SD cards, you could have an iPod with 1TB of space and 120+ hours of battery life.

iPods do have a limit of the number of songs however, it’s roughly 20,000 for 30GB models and 50,000 for 80GB+ models.

Feel free to contact me here, or use my eBay store. All of the common memory upgrades are listed on eBay. All memory upgrades come with a free standard-sized battery. A 3000mAh battery can be added for $40 and comes with a new back panel as the iPod must be made thicker to accommodate the battery.

See my upgrade service listings below! I’ll also have prebuilt iPods available occasionally.